Leading Operational Excellence: The Kaizen Way


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1-Day Conference with the Management Guru, Kaizen Pioneer and founder of Kaizen Institute MASAAKI IMAI


Operational Excellence is beyond the mere use of improvement tools; it is about building a culture that promotes excellence in all kinds of operations, be it operations within a factory, a telecom company, a hospital, a bank, a government office or a port.

Operational Excellence is a summation of effective People Engagement supported by the judicious application of Lean tools combined with smart Change Management.

Three decades after the publication of Masaaki Imai’s Kaizen: The secret to Japan’s competitive success, Kaizen has become an everyday word in business circles.

During this conference, Masaaki Imai advocates his philosophies and Kaizen Institute’s principles and methodologies to achieve the ultimate Operational Excellence.


Kaizen is a Japanese term which denoted “improvement for the better” but its modern connotation is to continually make improvements by observations at the workplace through the philosophy that everything can be improved even on a daily basis.

Kaizen Institute – the original lean management consultancy – was established in Switzerland in 1985 to help companies implement the practice of “kaizen” and the various systems and tools known today as Lean Management.


  • Learn the Toyota way how Quality, Cost, Delivery and Motivation (QCDM) significantly make an impact on the company overall growth
  • Understand the importance of leadership for driving the continuous improvement process
  • Reach improvements with less time and capital investment
  • Nurture a company culture built on involvement of managers and employees
  • Humanize your organization & inspire everyone to make sustainable changes


  • “C-Level” Executives (CEOs, COOs, CFOs)
  • Business Unit Managers, Site Managers, Operation Managers
  • Professionals being responsible for Continuous Improvement, Kaizen, Lean Six Sigma


Management Guru, Kaizen Pioneer, Founder of Kaizen Institute

  • Masaaki Imai was the first to write and speak about the remarkable leadership principles known as the Toyota Production System, what we call “Lean” thinking today.
  • Over the last three decades, Mr. Imai has authored books and articles, held lectures on kaizen, quality, leadership, Lean and other related management subjects, has consulted with global companies, introduced kaizen as a commonsense continuous improvement approach on every inhabited continent.
  • His contribution has been one of integrating various kaizen management practices, such as Just-in-time, TQM, and TPM, into the cultural environments of client companies.
  • He was the first to organize study missions to Japan to study kaizen and Lean methods, a service that Kaizen Institute continues today, having led more than 200 groups and 4,000 people.

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Hilton Resort
Salem Sabah Al Salem Al Sabah St,

Date and Time:

  • 09 Apr, 2017
  • 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • 6 hours
Entry 350 KD

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