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It’s pretty amazing what can be achieved when talented and motivated women come together to work towards a common goal… especially if that common goal is helping a younger woman achieve their dream. Young, talented and explicitly creative Reem Nadar is a force to be reckoned with.

Her success is no stranger as she has worked hard and used her talents to create a wonderful following for herself. Reem is a personality in the GCC with a growing following. She is a comically talented young woman who speaks towards the benefit of our community in the Middle East. Nadar is a wonderful role model for many young women as she continues to believe in the betterment of others and promote their message and that of kindness as well.

Nadar, originally Lebanese was born in Kuwait and has been raised and completed most her youthful life in Kuwait. Her work is also very impressive as she continues to work in the community as well in her career profession. A lover of creativity, Nadar never ceases to amaze audiences and fans. “I really want people to be aware of the issue facing us and I am grateful to be able to have a platform to do my best work” says Nadar.

A few years back Nadar had a kindness campaign which started with only a few volunteers and grew into a team of 30 plus. “It was wonderful. We were able to connect with others and make a difference and an impact on others” shares Nadar “it was a really special experience and we enjoyed seeing others feel happiness and kindness. I am sure we will do this again.” explains Nadar.

As quoted by Dina Hashish in Technology & Social Media (2016).

“Hero of the day is a Lebanese lady and her name is Reem Nadar. We all know mommies lose their minds at least three times a day, and that is on a good day. They have their own signature glares and classic decisions and threats no matter where they come from.”

Nadar is also quite comedic. She has the ability to make others laugh and smile. She really brings joy to other people’s lives and does so in a special way. Her videos are shared and re-shared in the thousands especially one of the last videos, which was seen by more than the thousands.

About the Author

Natasha E. Feghali has a unique and innovative style which creates collaborations and community partnerships that lay a foundation which engages and inspires. She had lived in Canada, France, and Kuwait and traveled the globe!

She believes that creating, learning and sharing is a passion. With her curious enthusiasm for life, she pursues a greater essence at work as she diversifies her sources of both inspiration and expression. 

As a passionate and inquisitive person, Natasha strives to enrich the environments that she collaborates in or creates; as it remains one of her dearest forms of expression. 

She loves teaching, learning, and sharing. She strives to bring a globally connected world and open up the horizons of collaborations. She is interested in exploring ideas, collaborating with others all over the world to create exciting experiences.

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Natasha E. Feghali OCT, PQP, M.Ed 
FSL / ESL Specialist Educator
DELF-DALF Formatrice/AIM Educator
Blog: www.natashafeghali.blogspot.ca
Twitter: @NEFeghali
Email: natasha.feghali@hotmail.com
Google+: Natasha Feghali
Skype: natasha.feghali
Instagram: @NEFeghali


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