This zero gravity music fest – 30,000ft high up in the air – is sure to get your adrenaline pumping

Move over Tomorrowland and Coachella. Music festivals are reaching a new height, literally! In a bold move by alcohol brand Desperados, the world’s first zero gravity festival is all set to take place in Las Vegas, US

 In this, a selected group of people will get to fly up 30,000ft above the ground in a plane, complete with a beautiful light show, a thumping sound system and a world-class DJ.

This event has piqued people’s interest and have garnered mix reviews. While a few aren’t keen about the whole thing stating the obvious reasons of experiencing something as unparalleled as this while drunk, most are already excited. And why shouldn’t they be. Sometimes when you are in a club and the bass drops, it makes you feel weightless. Imagine this happening while cruising at such a high altitude where the momentum will build towards the anticipated moment and suddenly when the bass will drop, and so will the plane – plunging the attendees into a zero-gravity atmosphere!

Influencers around the world have already climbed on-board to try this surreal experience. DJ Mike Cervello, who debuted his latest blockbuster track, SMACK! on the plane, in a statement to Complex said, “The experience was unreal. With Desperados Bass Drop, I created the biggest bass drop of my life. Working with Daniel Levitin, we stretched the bass of my track to match the parabolas, meaning when the plane dropped, so did the bass, sending the dance floor floating in zero gravity. It was a mind blowing experience for everyone on board.”

We are already getting goosebumps

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