Ban renting of private houses to expatriates - Real-Estate Association

Kuwait Published on: 03 December, 2017 @ 1:43 PM
Secretary of the Real-Estate Association Qais Al-Ghanem has called for banning the renting of private houses to expatriates — both bachelors and families.

He insisted that expatriates should be allowed to only rent apartments in investment residential buildings.

Al-Ghanem affirmed that the trend of expatriates living in private houses will negatively impact the state’s plan related to lifting the subsidy of water and electricity, stressing that expatriates will resort to renting private houses in order to avoid paying water and electricity bills.

He indicated about some strange customs of expatriates especially non-Arabs that do not match the Kuwaiti traditions. For example, some expatriates manufacture liquor in rented flats within private residential areas. He urged for a governmental decision in this regard to preserve the privacy of private residential areas.

News Source: Arab Times, Pg. 1, Bottom Left   


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