Cost of domestic labor hiring to be KD 400 after launch of ‘firm’

Public Service Announcements Published on: 09 May, 2017 @ 11:24 AM
KUWAIT CITY, May 8: Head of the Parliament’s Economic Committee Sa’ad Al-Khanfour announced that the cost of hiring domestic workers will be about KD 400 after the domestic labor recruitment company will officially launch operations on September 1, affirming that the building specified for the company is ready.

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He explained that the company will be responsible for hiring domestic workers and completing all relevant legal and medical checkup procedures. The domestic workers will not be delivered to the citizens before all these procedures are completed. Services related to immigration, medical checkup, and the criminal investigation will be available in the building of the company. Al-Khanfour revealed that the company is not expecting to make more than 10 percent profit.

Meanwhile, economic researcher Mohammad Ramadan prepared a study related to the advantages and disadvantages of having a state company for recruitment of domestic workers.

As per his study, the total cost will eventually increase from 424 fils per hour to 600 fils per hour. If the law is enforced perfectly, the total cost will increase especially when considering the specified conditions of 12 working hours per day with breaks, one day off per week, one-month annual vacation with full salary, and indemnity that is equivalent to one-month salary per year of service.


The study revealed that domestic workers currently work about 16 hours per day without weekly off, or paid annual vacation or indemnity. Ramadan said, “Even though the initial cost has been reduced from KD 1,500 to KD 650, these conditions in the law will, in the end, lead to increased costs”, adding that international organizations will follow-up the enforcement of law No. 68/2015 to ensure actions that violate human rights are brought to an end.

News Source: Arab Times   


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