Drive carefully during rain and bad weather

Public Service Announcements Published on: 02 December, 2016 @ 12:00 AM
Traffic movement came to a halt on most roads due to heavy rains, accompanied by thunder and lightning, that hit Kuwait Thursday. Assistant Undersecretary for Maintenance Affairs at Ministry of Public Works, Eng. Mohammed Bin Nakhi said citizens and expatriates can call the hotline number 150 to report any damage to the drainage system.

Eng. Mohammed Bin Nakhi affirmed that teams affiliated to the sector dealing with the heavy rainfall witnessed in Kuwait on Thursday, are in place professionally through allotted mechanisms. He stressed that there is no blockage in the drainage system which is fully equipped to handle more volume of rainwater. Eng. Bin Nakhi revealed that 95 percent of the drainage system was cleaned through contracts with companies that are specialized in cleaning drainage systems.

He affirmed that the teams of the sector work round the clock and are ready to deal with any complaints and warnings, revealing about the coordination between the ministry and other government agencies such as Kuwait Meteorological Department to receive updated weather forecasts. Eng. Bin Nakhi said all roads are working effectively and there are no floods on the roads following the rainfall on Thursday.

He reiterated that the emergency teams are exerting tremendous efforts to deal with all problems and reports in all governorates, explaining that the teams are on alert and regularly checking on areas that are expected to be affected by rains especially those that were hit by floods last rainy season.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Kuwait Society for Traffic Safety and a member of the Higher Traffic Council Dr. Bader Al-Matar stressed the importance of allotting a traffic plan to control traffic congestion especially in times of rain and bad weather.

In a press release, Dr. Al-Matar insisted on the need to be careful when driving under bad weather conditions, indicating different dangerous aspects that could lead to traffic accidents such as heavy rains that make the roads slippery and heavy fog which reduces the visibility. He said securitymen should be present to control the traffic situation on the main and inner roads as well as at the intersections. Dr. Al-Matar urged all citizens and expatriates to be careful and to take into consideration the unstable weather conditions while driving.

Emphasizing on the increasing number of deaths due to traffic accidents, he urged all relevant official and civil bodies to organize awareness campaigns to inform road users about the proper way of driving and using the roads. Al-Matar affirmed that Kuwait Society for Traffic Safety organizes such campaigns regularly to remind road users about traffic instructions and regulations. And, the General Traffic Department conducted surprise campaigns in the six governorates last week, resulting in the issuance of 34,611 citations, impounding of 1,022 vehicles and 42 motorbikes, and referral of 21 people to the traffic jail for committing serious traffic offenses.

The campaigns also led to the deportation of four expatriates for driving without a license, whereas the traffic patrol (smart patrol) recovered 32 vehicles wanted by law as they were used in committing different crimes. The department affirmed that the campaigns will continue, urging all road users to fully abide by the traffic regulations to ensure the safety of everyone.

News Source: Mohammad Ghanim, Al-Seyassah Staff   


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