Education minister to handle fake degrees issue and tackle housing allowance for teachers

Kuwait Published on: 14 March, 2017 @ 1:59 PM
Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Mohammad Al-Fares affirmed that his main mission is to do his best in offering distinguished educational environment which will enhance achievements of Kuwaiti and expatriate teachers and students.

On the sidelines of his surprise visit to a school, the minister expressed his seriousness in fulfilling his promise to teachers that they will start receiving housing allowance worth KD 150, indicating that he is just waiting for the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to issue a decision in this regard. When asked about rumors concerning the possibility of cancelation of teachers’ current housing allowance of KD 60, the minister insisted that this is impossible.

He also stressed the need for teachers to renew their data, assuring that he will address the Finance Department regarding the reasons behind the nondisbursement of housing allowance to some teachers who renewed their data. When asked about the appointment of teachers who do not even have bachelors’ degree, Dr Al-Fares said he has never heard of something like this, assuring that he will investigate this issue with the Legal Affairs Department.

Regarding the investigations concerning fake certificates, the minister said he will take necessary actions after receiving the final report of investigations from the fact-finding committee affiliated to the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training and the report of the fact-finding committee of Kuwait University.

He explained that there are four kinds of fake certificates — a certificate of bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree from a university that does not exist, a fake certificate obtained from a known university, a certificate obtained from a known university based on the enrollment system and a certificate obtained from a known university at the same time of occupying the position.

Those proven to hold certificates of the first kind will be dismissed from the positions that they were promoted to based on these certificates, while those with the second, third and fourth kinds of certificates will receive suitable administrative and legal penalties.

News Source: Arab Times    Al Anba Daily   


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