First robotic hair transplant technology in Kuwait

Business Published on: 01 December, 2016 @ 1:17 PM
The ARTAS Robotic System is the first and only FDA-cleared, physician-controlled, computer-assisted technology for hair transplantation. Artas’ advanced technologies provide accurate results, enabling patients to view and adjust the outcome prior to the procedure.

High Precision and Natural-looking Results

The ARTAS Robot uses its advanced robotic image guided technology to choose and harvest the most viable hairs with their surrounding tissues. This increases the chances of hair regrowth in the recipient area.

In addition, the flexible robotic arm creates recipient sites that are identical to the approved hair design on the ARTAS Hair Studio, making sure they are in the right angle and direction needed to achieve the agreed-upon aesthetic plan.

The doctor and patient will use the ARTAS Studio to design the patient’s hair transplant plan and discuss the possible outcome, before finalizing and approving the final aesthetic plan.

Five major reasons make ARTAS hair transplant the best

1. It allows the patient to see the potential results beforehand by using ARTAS Studio.
2. It identifies and selects the most viable hairs for transplant by using intelligent algorithms and high-definition stereoscopic vision system.
3. It has high percentage of hair regrowth due to the accurate harvesting of hairs with all their surrounding tissues.
4. It features high precision in making the transplant area by the robot arm.
5. With ARTAS, the procedure is short, and the recovery is fast. You can get back to work and your daily activities quickly.

Designing and seeing the potential result beforehand

It is very important for any patient interested in having his hair transplanted to know in advance how they will look after the hair transplant procedure. Now with the ARTAS Hair Studio, you can design and see the potential result before having the procedure. When consulting your doctor, they will use the ARTAS Studio technology to create a customized 3D design for your hair transplant procedure based on your personal photos.

By using ARTAS Hair Studio, you will be able to see the aesthetic plan of your hair based on your preferences and your doctor’s recommendations. That will show the number of grafts and hairline design needed to achieve your expectations. Everything will be clear for you, no need for guessing any results.

High Precision in Extracting Healthy Grafts

The advanced technology of ARTAS Robot identifies and selects the viable hair by using intelligent algorithms and image-guided technology.

The healthy hairs are harvested accurately with all their surrounding tissues for increasing the chances of hair growth in the recipient area.

The graft quality remains the same throughout the procedure. Human fatigue and the error associated with traditional hair transplant methods is eliminated here.

Robotic High Precision for Delivering the Approved Design

After approving the hair aesthetic plan created using ARTAS Studio, the design is transferred to the robot for implementation.

The robot starts implementing the approved plan meticulously using a flexible robotic arm.

The recipient area is created by using intelligent algorithms and high-definition stereoscopic vision system, which avoid damaging existing healthy hair.

The robotic arm creates regular holes in the recipient area preparing it for receiving the harvested hair.

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