Front Row and Kuwait National Cinema Company release Egyptian film “Al Folous”

Kuwait Published on: 26 December, 2019 @ 6:58 PM
Written by Mohamed Abdelmoati and directed by Said el-Marouk, the film stars Tamer Hosny, Zeina, Khaled el-Sawy, Aicha Ben Ahmed, Ahmed Fathy and Mohamed Sarwat.

Front Row Filmed Entertainment and Kuwait National Cinema Company (KNCC) released Arabic-language action-comedy Al Folous (Money) in theatres across the Arab world on December 25.

The plot revolves around Seif played by Egyptian actor Tamer Hosny, a scammer who helps a rich beautiful woman Hala get her money back from another scammer. The film is scripted by Mohamed Abdelmoati, based on a concept by Hosny.

Directed by Said el-Marouk, the movie was originally titled “Kol Sana W Enta Tayeb”.

Al Folous is considered one of the largest cinematic productions in the Arab world, as all eyes are on Tamer Hosni, who made record revenues with his previous movie, The Suit, which screened in October 2018.

News Source: Broadcast Pro   


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