Gulf Bank’s WISE Investments achieves 26% returns in 2019

Business Published on: 27 January, 2020 @ 2:15 PM
Gulf Bank is celebrating the third-year anniversary of WISE Investments, the Bank’s digital investment platform, with a strategy performance that has exceeded the returns of some of the major regional markets.

In 2019, WISE Investments posted 26% returns for portfolios with “aggressive” investment strategies, and 21% returns for portfolios with “conservative” investment strategies. The rates of return for both investment strategies marked an impressive feat for the digital investment platform, outperforming most GCC market returns. Since its launch in 2017, WISE Investments has also achieved an annualized return exceeding 10% across its various investment strategies.

Commenting on the results, Ms Dalya Al-Qassem, Head of Investment Management at Gulf Bank, said: “We are proud to share the resilient performance of WISE with its different investment strategies. Interest in exchange-traded funds and passive investment has increased in recent years, with more clients opting to invest in portfolios with low costs and a long term approach. With WISE Investments, our clients have access to a bespoke investment strategy that suits their financial goals, including high-performing international ETFs listed in the London Stock Exchange. We would like to thank our loyal clients for using WISE Investments, and we are excited to introduce new offerings that will continue to enhance our investment solutions.”

Gulf Bank’s WISE Investments is an advisory and portfolio management service for long-term investors. The platform follows a Nobel Prize-winning investment strategy, providing Gulf Bank clients with the opportunity to invest in international markets in an easy, transparent and cost-efficient way.

As a digital investment tool, WISE provides its clients with the opportunity to invest in a globally diversified portfolio with a long-term approach. By filling out a simple questionnaire, WISE determines customers’ financial goals, risk appetite, and investment horizon, to recommend a portfolio that is customized to their needs. Over the course of the investment period, Gulf Bank’s investment managers continuously monitor and review their clients’ portfolios, in an effort to safeguard and increase their wealth.

WISE Investments by Gulf Bank is available for anyone who is a legal Kuwaiti resident, or a Kuwaiti citizen with a permanent Kuwaiti address. Anyone residing abroad who are existing Gulf Bank account holders can also open a WISE portfolio with Gulf Bank.

To learn more about WISE Investments with Gulf Bank, customers can visit one of Gulf Bank’s 58 branches or log on to Customers can also contact the Customer Contact Center by calling 1805805 or direct their queries through the WhatsApp service on 65805805 for assistance and guidance.


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