Ministry of Interior launches ‘Help Me’ mobile app

Public Service Announcements Published on: 08 May, 2018 @ 1:08 AM
With just a mobile phone with no need for the Internet, or calling to explain where they are, lost people can now be found with Help Me mobile app.

The Ministry of Interior launched the ‘help me’ service through an application in the smart phones to pinpoint the location of ‘lost’ people

According to Al-Rai daily report, this service which is linked to the Operations Room of the Ministry of Interior went into operation on May 6. 

The service will be a great help to rescue those lost at sea or in the middle of the desert and even those subjected to kidnappings.

Security sources said the application is distinguished because the ‘victim’ does not need to talk to anyone, does not require an Internet service but must have the GPS which can identify the location of the person who requests help.

The sources pointed out the service requires the owner of the cell phone to enter details such as the phone number, civil ID number, mobile phones numbers of relatives and email, for
the Ministry of Interior to save in its database.

In case of emergency, all that the person needs to do is press the button (help me) and the phrase ‘emergency assistance request’ shall appear on the screen at the ministry

Help me! app is recommended to vulnerable groups in order to increase their sense of security.

Help me! app is based on the GPS in your Smartphone and lets you notify your emergency contacts with your current location within seconds a critical operation that becomes difficult or even impossible in case of emergency. 

Who needs Help me! app:

  • Women and Men that are exposed to all sorts of assaults. 
  • Children and teenagers 
  • Seniors, especially these who suffer dementia and confusion. 
  • Disabled and handicapped 
  •  Travelers 
  • People lost at sea etc.

News Source: IIK   


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