New Kuwait Airport to open in August 2022

Public Service Announcements Published on: 23 January, 2020 @ 11:13 AM
Deputy Minister of Public Works Ismail Al-Failakawi announced that the new airport project will open in August 2022, according to the schedule, indicating that the second package project for the airport has been recommended for award at the lowest prices, and we are awaiting the final approval of the agency reports Al Rai.

Al-Failakawi said, on the sidelines of the inspection tour organized by the Ministry yesterday in the presence of Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development Khaled Mahdi, “There are no obstacles facing the project, as work is currently being done in cooperation and coordination with the contractor, consultant and the Supreme Council for Planning to remove any obstacles.” He explained that the project is going According to the schedule, there is no delay, as the completion rate was 26.9 percent.

Al-Failakawi added that the Ministry is responsible for implementing the airport project, which is one of the important development and strategic projects to achieve plans on Kuwait 2035.

For his part, Mahdi said, “We took today a broad idea about the development of the project and its coincidence with the timetable prepared for it and the challenges facing it,” pointing out that many of the challenges facing the project were exceeded, which is considered a good thing.

Mahdi indicated that the project is an architectural masterpiece at the international level as it is an international icon calculated for Kuwait, because it contains complex engineering and architectural works in addition to being compatible and harmonious with the schedule, pointing out that the work continues in a very positive way, according to the project management standards, compared to our visit Previous, during which we were briefed on a set of challenges that were overcome by the efforts of the Ministry of Public Works and the equipment that works with it.

He continued: A large part of one of the difficult challenges facing the project that related to the Ministry of Defense was resolved, as well as the issue of disbursement of payments and financial matters as well as some engineering, technical and administrative coordination matters, valuing the role of the Ministry of Works in supporting the project’s progress and providing the appropriate atmosphere for work and completion in dates Specified in August 2022.

He explained that the percentage of completion in the executive phase amounted to about 18.9 percent of the 70 percent of this stage, pointing out that the percentage of spending amounted to 36.3 percent of the current fiscal year.

He pointed out that according to the project schedule, it is scheduled to be completed in 2022 at a total cost of 1.312 billion dinars, noting that the number of challenges that the project faced is eight, and more than 75 percent of it has been overcome.

Regarding the the labor force in the implementation of the project, Mahdi mentioned that it takes 11 thousand workers in various specialties, while the current number of employment amounts to 6900, including 168 Kuwaitis, adding that this project comes within the framework of implementing an important policy of the development plan policies, which is regulating the market Air transport and infrastructure development for Kuwait International Airport with the aim of developing the facilities and services provided by Kuwait International Airport according to the highest international specifications and increasing the airport’s capacity to reach 25 million passengers upon completion of all stages.

He continued: There are other packages for the projects accompanying the terminal building project 2 for parking lots and the other for the airstrips, and they will be put on schedule, and the General Secretariat for Planning and Development does not find any clear impartiality from the plan that started the project.

He indicated that there is no delay in the presentation of the two packages referred to so far, as the situation is positive and we did not enter into the critical times with regard to offering the two packages. One of the tasks of the Secretariat is to accelerate the procedures of the projects before entering into the critical times, especially since the date set for signing the two packages in April and August of the current year 2020


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