Police on lookout for alleged rapist of Filipino maid kidnapped from Kuwait Airport

Kuwait Crime Published on: 10 June, 2019 @ 4:47 AM
Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department are looking for an unidentified Kuwait International Airport employee believed to be a military man in connection with the abduction and rape of a Filipino maid, reports Al-Rai daily.

Earlier it was reported the Filipino maid was ‘abducted’ from the arrival lounge of the airport, raped and returned back to the airport. The sponsor of the maid had filed a complaint with the police accusing a man in a uniform like those worn by security officials at the airport, offering to help her and after completing the procedures allegedly asked the maid to follow him, took her to an isolated spot, raped her and returned her to the airport.

The Attorney-General had ordered a criminal case to be filed against the suspect and speed up the investigations and check the surveillance camera footage installed at the arrival lounge.

A security source said the suspect is seen walking out with the victim after completing the fingerprinting procedures. The security source said, the suspect has not shown up for duty after the incident and is believed to be at large. The source pointed out the arrest is only a matter of time and the suspect will be dealt with and punished accordingly so that it becomes an example for others. The sources also said it becomes mandatory to screen some of the security, especially those working in sensitive sites. The investigation is ongoing.

News Source: Arab Times   


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