Preventive approaches to protect kids from cyber hazards

Kuwait Published on: 26 March, 2017 @ 5:19 PM
Online security preventive measures kids kuwait
The application of social preventive approaches is essential and instrumental in protecting children from hazards of online exposure to extremist and violent contents, a US executive official affirmed Friday.

Opening dialogue between parents and their children about various social issues and monitoring children’s online use and access to social media networks and websites are two of the most effective ways to protect children’s safety, security, and lives, Zainab Al-Suwaij, Executive Director of the American Islamic Congress (AIC), told KUNA.

Al-Suwaij made her remarks on the sidelines of her participation in Kuwait’s first regional conference on protecting children against cyber hazards, stressing the importance of finding an open communication platform between parents, children, and governments to help to eliminate radical and extremist situations in their societies. Raising public awareness at home is not enough; it should also be conducted in schools, colleges, universities, media, and social media, she said, adding that the internet world is wide and difficult to control.

Meanwhile, Al-Suwaij valued Kuwait’s role and efforts in holding the conference and highlighting an important international issue, indicating that the event has broken the fear barrier regarding its subject when a number of participating children courageously shared their personal experience with online extremism and violence.

News Source: Arab Times   


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