Staff of Ministry of Electricty and Water hold a sitin at the MEW headquarters

Kuwait Published on: 05 April, 2017 @ 11:59 PM
April 4: Several employees of the Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) held a sitin at the headquarters of the ministry to protest against the suspension of travel allowance for employees working in distant areas and exclusion of the allowance from the salary certificate.

The sit-in was attended by several MPs and board members of the labor union for employees working in the ministry in solidarity with the employees affected by the decision.

In response, the Minister of Electricity, Water and Oil, Essam Al-Marzouq issued direct order to reinstate the travel allowance. He also instructed the reinstatement should be mentioned in the salary certificate as observed earlier.

News Source: Arab Times    By Muhammad Ghanim, Al-Seyassah Staff   


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