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Posted on: 22-May-2023 at 9:36:00 AM

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Posted by: Davidmora
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AJEETS provides you with the best manpower services. AJEETS is the leading global manpower recruitment agency in India that provides services across the globe. Based on their experience in the pertinent disciplines, we hire qualified, semi-skilled, and unskilled individuals. We help you identify competent personnel for your industry. The consultant's job is to serve as a point of contact between the employer and the candidate, and we are excellent at it. We are looking for someone with a creative outlook and superior performance abilities. We're also looking for modifications that will facilitate their situation. The department of human resources helps the business succeed. In a predetermined amount of time, every response is provided. Our professionals are completely familiar with the rules governing work permits, visas, and other international constraints. We deal with the attestation of educational certificates, police clearance certificates, visa stamps, and government papers for emigration clearance, among other things. Within the time frame you have specified, we will put the accepted applicants after notifying you. With regard to embarkation and airport requirements, we support candidates in every way. As the leading manpower recruitment agency, we recruit for various industries such as Oil and Gas, IT, Marine, Construction, Medical, Hospitality, Hotel and Catering, Retail, Security, MEP, Logistics and Transportation, Facility management, etc. As the leading consultancy, we provide our services to the countries like the UK, Germany, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Malta, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Czech Republic, Croatia, and Bulgaria in the Europe Continent. Make us your long-term recruitment partner with a presence in India right away!

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AJEETs Management & Manpower Consultancy

Western Edge 2, Office No 407,4th Floor, Opp. Metro Mall,

Western Express Highway,

Borivali -East

Mumbai-400066, India

Email ID:









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