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In the battle between a massive prehistoric beast and a fluttering bird, we all know what's destined to come out on top. But in the case of Mastodon, a social network with the potential to take on Twitter, the former just so happens to be the underdog. And yet, it's an underdog with serious spunk.
Bluetooth is a ubiquitous wireless standard to connect electronics.Bluetooth 5 features 2x speeds, 4x range over predecessors. Devices featuring Bluetooth 5 should be out in the next 2 to 6 months
Scientists, including one of Indian origin, have developed a unique system that simultaneously records temperature, humidity and energy use in homes, paving the way for households to save money while reducing risks to their health.
All eyes are on Samsung's upcoming flagship Galaxy S8 after the disappointing debacle of the Galaxy Note 7, as the company will expect it to boost its business. The device is expected to come with several feature upgrades over its predecessor, the Galaxy S7, but one that may attract everyone is its processor.
Back in October, Google confirmed that the final build of Android 7.1 Nougat will start rolling out to Pixel, Nexus, and Android One devices in early December.